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Kris Vukasinovic

Thoughts for the Lost

Amidst one of the longest nights in recent memory, I find myself in need of a blank page in order to ground myself in reality...   Who are you? You can be the good the person and sleep soundly at night,... Continue Reading →


What Does ‘Freedom’ Truly Mean?

Our lives are short. We cruise through space on a tiny rock, amidst a thin wisp of atmosphere. In this insignificant fraction of the cosmos, our existence is but a blink in the timeline of history. I tell you this... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Series: Deep Artificial Neural Networks

In this section, we're going to continue supervised machine learning by looking into one of the most interesting algorithms I've come across in my software endeavours - artificial neural networks. Although the algorithm is over 50 years old, it's only until... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Series: Introduction to Machine Learning, Linear Regression and Gradient Descent

Introduction For my own purposes of learning, I've decided to document all of my interactions with machine learning in a blog series that will start from the basis and work it's way northward. Before getting to linear regression and what... Continue Reading →

I am a Mountain – F C Sabra

I am a mountain. Jagged edges, impossible crevices, and icy peaks. My dark brooding shadow is my constant company that on its own delivers a thousand words, yet never even speaks. The imposing body of my mind unexplored for the... Continue Reading →

Physical Sorting vs Computational Sorting

It was late at night, and the wind was howling outside - pounding its might against the brickwork of my house. I had a window of Sublime Text open as I usually do, watching the blinker flick on and off... Continue Reading →

An Addiction to Change

I was listening a This Developers Life podcast, as I usually do when I'm traveling - titled 'Disconnecting' (if you haven't listened to any of these podcasts, I highly recommend it). The podcast was about how some developers, namely the two... Continue Reading →

How I Ended up as a Software Engineer

I remember it like it was yesterday... I was all set to head into medicine, which was a path I had solidified for myself early on in my high school days. When I at long last, departed into the world of... Continue Reading →

A Plead for Global Change

Our world is grand. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy the beauty, and the complexity of every facet we are privileged enough to be a part of. Unfortunately, this vast complexity comes fragility. Today, our life-filled planet and its many... Continue Reading →

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