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Our past is our best teacher. It has no secrets. It is navigable without time. Through the memories it casts upon our mind. We see who we were, and place our past self in front of who we are. We... Continue Reading →


Success and its Failure

Life is full of ups and downs. For everyone, regardless of what who you are, how successful you are or how attractive you are - life always finds a way to take you on a rollercoaster ride. Throughout the last... Continue Reading →

Letter to the People of the Today

Dear reader, Humans are not wired to think across long spans of time. Tomorrow is not a problem for us to imagine, but 50 years down the road may as well not exist. We do well when it comes to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Confuse ‘Genius’ with Passion – The First is Fictional

Growing up, I've always read stories about people I found to be inspiring. Richard Feynman, one of my heroes, is widely known as one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century. Nobel Prize winner and award winning lecturer, he... Continue Reading →

Thoughts for the Lost

Amidst one of the longest nights in recent memory, I find myself in need of a blank page in order to ground myself in reality...   Who are you? You can be the good the person and sleep soundly at night,... Continue Reading →

What Does ‘Freedom’ Truly Mean?

Our lives are short. We cruise through space on a tiny rock, amidst a thin wisp of atmosphere. In this insignificant fraction of the cosmos, our existence is but a blink in the timeline of history. I tell you this... Continue Reading →

An Addiction to Change

I was listening a This Developers Life podcast, as I usually do when I'm traveling - titled 'Disconnecting' (if you haven't listened to any of these podcasts, I highly recommend it). The podcast was about how some developers, namely the two... Continue Reading →

Questioning and its Immense Power to Uncover Truth

For all of my life, I've been a skeptic who accepted nothing at face value. If I don't know the underlying truth behind a claim, I ask questions or research it until the whole picture fits together to make sense. More... Continue Reading →

Keep Your Goals a Secret

Have you ever had a project or a goal that you wanted to see completed? Perhaps you're so excited about it that you tell everyone! Well, I don't believe this is the correct way to tackle goals if you really... Continue Reading →

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