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The Basics of ES6

This is going to be a short tutorial on some of the cool new stuff ES6 brings to Javascript. If you're unfamiliar with ES5's iteration of Javascript, don't worry! I'll explain the differences as I go along. Let's just dive... Continue Reading →


The Writers of the 21st Century

We write stories. These stories aren't written in languages you may understand. They do not have a plot or characters, they are not written in english or any other spoken language, and they are useless to place on a page. They... Continue Reading →

Why Coding is Hard

If you're in software, you know that coding can quite difficult at times. Almost every week brings a new topic you're unfamiliar with, that tests you're ability to understand abstract concepts. For me at the moment, it's machine learning. Understanding the... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Series: Deep Artificial Neural Networks

In this section, we're going to continue supervised machine learning by looking into one of the most interesting algorithms I've come across in my software endeavours - artificial neural networks. Although the algorithm is over 50 years old, it's only until... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning Series: Introduction to Machine Learning, Linear Regression and Gradient Descent

Introduction For my own purposes of learning, I've decided to document all of my interactions with machine learning in a blog series that will start from the basis and work it's way northward. Before getting to linear regression and what... Continue Reading →

Physical Sorting vs Computational Sorting

It was late at night, and the wind was howling outside - pounding its might against the brickwork of my house. I had a window of Sublime Text open as I usually do, watching the blinker flick on and off... Continue Reading →

How I Ended up as a Software Engineer

I remember it like it was yesterday... I was all set to head into medicine, which was a path I had solidified for myself early on in my high school days. When I at long last, departed into the world of... Continue Reading →

ClearType – The Brilliance That Brought Clear Text to Low Resolution Screens

We explorers of science normally look to the future for our inspiration. What fantastic, new inventions will arise as the clock ticks ever forward? Will humanity finally break our bonds of Earth and travel the cosmos? What will the next new breakthrough be that takes an... Continue Reading →

Introduction – API Design Guidelines

Almost every developer worth his or her salt finds themselves in need to write an API at some point in their life. Whether it's a web endpoint API or a language level API, the design is critical to its success. But what... Continue Reading →

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