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Kris Vukasinovic



Memory – How People Remember Enormous Amounts of Information

For the longest time, I've been fascinated by people who can store vast amounts of information and accurately recall it. For example, some people can remember the order a deck of cards was shuffled in, or many of pi's decimal... Continue Reading →


A Plead for Global Change

Our world is grand. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy the beauty, and the complexity of every facet we are privileged enough to be a part of. Unfortunately, this vast complexity comes fragility. Today, our life-filled planet and its many... Continue Reading →

Habits and Their Influence on our Lives

Have you ever thought of why you live the way you do? Why you do what you do every day, why you buy what you buy and why you have set routines for almost every instance in your life? A... Continue Reading →

An Inspirational Talk from Dr. Brian Cox on Science and the LHC

This is a talk from CERN physicist, Dr. Brian Cox that has personally changed my view on particle physics and its importance in our understanding of where we live. While he gives his audience a solid introduction to the Large Hadron... Continue Reading →

Is sentience just another gene survival mechanism?

After reading Richard Dawkins’ book – The Selfish Gene, a thought occurred to me that seems to hold water. What if perhaps the notion of sentience and self thought is just the next step in maintaining the genes of a... Continue Reading →

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