Hey there, my name is Kris!

I like to think of myself as a curious scientist, who has a keen interest in software and computation. I spend most of my time learning about various topics, and applying software to them whenever I find the slightest possibility. The cosmos from its grandest scale, to its unfathomably small scale fascinates me. The more I try to understand where we live, the more I see beauty is almost all aspects of life.

Programmatically, I’m most familiar with Python, Java and Javascript. Most of my work revolves around the web, in applications that are either framed in React or pure Web Components (I’m starting to love these). I also write Android applications in my spare time, as well as the backends that serve both mediums (I’ve written way to many web APIs). To me, these are all tools that enable creativity, learning, sharing and discovery. Almost every new aspect of programming I learn, I try to utilize as best as I can so that I can visualize how it moves, how it flows and most important, how it can be applied. Something I’ve learned over the years is that more tools I add to my toolbox, the stronger my ability becomes to solve new problems. One of the strongest of these tools is perspective, which comes from learning about many different kinds of things!

Aside from programming, I have a strong interest in physics and astronomy. The secrets of nature and how she actually behaves absolutely fascinates me. In fact, most of my heroes come from that domain. Richard Feynman, Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, and so many others inspire me to think outside the box and see the strangeness of our world. It seems like almost every rock overturned unveils some new and interesting thing that sparks more and more questions. These questions make we want to turn over more rocks until finally, I realize it’s 3:00 AM and I really should be sleeping. But as an amateur astronomer and software engineer, the night is something I’m quite partial to. My lovely girlfriend jokes that I’m a vampire – which is fitting.

If you’re interested in looking at my resume, my LinkedIn is kept pretty up to date. Otherwise, you may use my contact form below to reach out with any other questions!