Our past is our best teacher.

It has no secrets.

It is navigable without time.

Through the memories it casts upon our mind.

We see who we were,

and place our past self in front of who we are.

We look at our mistakes,

those harsh memories to terrible to shake.

As ghosts ever haunting our minds,

reminding us that we faltered.

However, that is not the way forward.

For the dark paintings of our past hold meaning amongst the terror.

They reveal utter truth about who we are,

and who we want to be.

To be, is to learn from our past,

so that it does not repeat itself.

We fall to stand,

we stand to walk.

We walk forward, never looking back.

The choices we make lay the foundation of our path ahead.

We can choose to be horrified by the steps behind,

or we can choose to realize their hidden truth.

This path is one we have already traversed.

We’ve survived it.

It is now unreal,

these thoughts of falling are unreal.

They exist only as lessons to teach us how to strengthen our stride.

Make confident your step,

and pay no mind to the memories with nothing to teach.

Keep walking,

keep learning,

keep loving,

and remember most importantly,

to keep true to yourself.

Take no quarrel with those who don’t understand,

for your life is your land.

Make it beautiful,

make it you,

and be happy.