Amidst one of the longest nights in recent memory, I find myself in need of a blank page in order to ground myself in reality…


Who are you?
You can be the good the person and sleep soundly at night,
or you can succumb to the darkness, and stray away from the light.
You can be a person worthy to look up to,
by battle the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.
Or you can lay your sword down and accept utter defeat.

Life is never easy, this much is known,
but who you are, is a story entirely your own.
You can be the tyrant,
selfishly driven by your own desires.
Or you can be someone’s salvation,
the unstoppable, bright warmth of fire.
Someone who stands up for what is right,
someone who will always fight the good fight.

There will be moments in life when you’re going to feel defeated.
when no matter what you do or how kind you are,
you’re going get shot and feel cheated.
This for me, is when the hammer stroke falls hardest.
The moments that force you to question your very goodness,
that tempt you to relinquish your blissfully kind nature.
To use anger and despair as a vindication,
so that you never feel cheated or hurt again.

It is in these moments that we discover who we truly are.
You can either be someone’s hero, or remain in the dark.
You can sleep at night knowing you did the right thing,
or can give in, and endure long nights teeming with pain.
This choice is yours and yours alone.
Just be warned, the path to goodness far less worn.
It will be easier to get lost and travel astray,
and far more trials will block your way…
but don’t give in…
don’t give in…
endure – make the world a better place.