Our lives are short. We cruise through space on a tiny rock, amidst a thin wisp of atmosphere. In this insignificant fraction of the cosmos, our existence is but a blink in the timeline of history. I tell you this not to scare you, or to make you feel small – but to make you feel big.

How luck are we, to be able to take it all in? To see far out into space, gazing at objects that violate our own imaginative framework of thought. Objects so large, bound by natural laws that break intuition, and unlock new chasms of possibility.

A good life is one where you get to be free. To make mistakes, and learn as you walk a path solely unique to you. Being able to choose who you want to be, despite what others may attempt to impose upon you.

Perhaps you’re the artist, or the author. Someone who takes this spectacular place we call home, and molds it through their own intuition so that others may share in your view. Or maybe you’re a lover of the sea, with its blue, life-rich waters and dotted islands. As wave after wave cascades on your adventure-bound vessel, the warm ocean air fills your sails as it lifts your soul.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you love. What matters is that you’re given the chance to be the person you want to be, and love the things you choose to love. What matters is that you’re given the chance to experience all that you want to. Freedom means making your own choices towards happiness, without hindering the choices of others so that they may also share in that joy.

Freedom means stepping outside your own framework and realizing that others may not share in your view. It means holding your beliefs to yourself, and to not impose them upon others. To value the happiness of those around you, as much as your value your own. It means to understand that your freedom doesn’t only affect yourself, but that it also affects those you interact with every single day.

Freedom means being able to say, write or draw whatever you want. To be able to challenge any ideas in a peaceful debate, with zero tolerance for violence – just because of someone’s disagreement or distaste.

Freedom means making sure everyone has the same rights and is treated the same, regardless of sex, culture or beliefs. Or, to protest cultural or religious beliefs when such constructs violate the freedoms and choices of others.

Our lives are the most precious thing we have, and they are limited. To live life as happily as you can, while helping others to do the same is what it’s all about. So, the next time you can make a difference in the freedom and happiness of someone else – please do. This simple act might just be one of the best things you’ve ever done, and have more of an impact than you’ll ever know.