I am a mountain.

Jagged edges, impossible crevices, and icy peaks.

My dark brooding shadow is my constant company that on its own delivers a thousand words, yet never even speaks.

The imposing body of my mind unexplored for the fear of succumbing to a never ending journey of trials and regret.

So here I lie motionlessly, silently observing the world anchored by the common ground beneath the soles of my base, while trying to forget.

How every time I try to bring my avalanches closer to the ground of normalcy, the ground beneath me continues to push me upwards towards the sky.

Higher and higher, farther and farther, colder and darker and more alone as days and nights pass by.

In my isolation from the safety, normalcy, love and affection, I have learned only to think for myself.

Until you.

You were that curious climber with the sharp tools of questions that pierced the thou body of my mind, earning a wince, then a sigh as i bared to you the innermost deepest part of who I am and how I came to be.

As you explored the history etched in my body, climbing higher and higher and closer and closer to my summit.

But it wont always be easy for you, as I try to shield you in my pockets of caves.

Knowing full well that at times, to selfishness I cant still be a slave.

Yet somehow, despite the fact you have become encrusted with the cascading snow of my turmoils, you are still standing, still climbing, still persisting.

And every day I wake up with half a conviction that it was all a dream.

But clearly all is not what it seems.

Suddenly I slowly begin feeling warmth that hasn’t been there before.

Molten lava of love seeping into my veins extending from my core.

Trying to push through the bitter cold shell it is encased in to reach the soles of your feet.

With every step you take for me I surge with emotions that quench the memories of those dark lonesome days, as wave after wave of my feelings for you attempt to break free so that we may meet.

But hot and cold, like love and hate, night and day, dark and light and all the symmetries of the world continue waging this ongoing war.

But I swear to you I will continue to fight until I can erupt and break away from my icy shackles, and flow freely to the souls of your feet, towards the ground to the soles of my feet.

So that maybe the soul within me can finally thaw and be free.

I am a mountain.

– F C Sabra