Our world is grand. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy the beauty, and the complexity of every facet we are privileged enough to be a part of. Unfortunately, this vast complexity comes fragility. Today, our life-filled planet and its many inhabitants face difficult problems because of the damage us humans have done over the last decade. Carbon emissions and habitat dissolve are causing a major global shift, which has in effect, damaged our climate. We as a generation, are leaving the world in a worse state than we found it in. I think this is not only vastly irresponsible, but it is also utterly unacceptable.

Don’t worry, I didn’t write this article to talk about ecosystem destruction or the difficulties that the natural world is facing today. I would direct you to watch Planet Earth and Planet Earth II for an entertaining means to that information. No, wrote this article to reach out to the people of science and engineering who are driven to mend the damage that has already been done. To provide solutions, to brainstorm ideas, and to really put a good foot forward in this global struggle.

As a software engineer, I see many ways in which I can leverage my knowledge of computation to not only help educate, but even enact change to the world directly. I am reaching out to those who have this same way of thinking. Whether you’re a biologist, a chemist, a civil engineer, an economist, an artist or a software engineer – it matters not. We are all passionate people, and I truly think when a group of passionate individuals band together – change is a certainty.

I speak as someone who has a love for science, and so this is my own perspective (you may see things differently). However I, and many others went into the science and engineering not only because of our insatiable curiosity, but because we understand that like minded individuals can generate change. Many of our heroes took a good look at the state of the world and were not happy with it. So they took it upon themselves to come up with new ways of doing things. Marvellous things which greatly improved the lives we live every single day. In fact, I’m using at least a dozen of them to simply put the article out for all of you to read. They are not different than any of you from an intellectual standpoint. All they did was learn, understand, and walk out the front door, rather than enjoy the comfort of not taking risks.

If we as a people are the active problem, then we as a people must be the solution. Here in Canada, there is a culture of differing blame and thus, leaving our major problems for others to solve. The way I see it, this is a major gamble. We are putting way too many cards in the hands of some people who are not in a position to act morally and ethically.

I have no idea what I’m doing by writing this article. I’m not a CEO, I am not rich, nor financially motivated to do any of this. I have no clue if I’m going to be laughed at or questioned or criticized. I don’t even know where to start. All I know is that we have some problems that need solving – and no one person can solve them alone.

The world is full of intelligent people, and these people are you and I. As I mentioned before, the only difference I see between wave makers and surfers, is their strength and tenacity for taking action. So my question to you is, can we as a people, with our many talents, bands of knowledge and passions… solve this problem together?

I don’t believe fear mongering is proactive at all, so I’ll leave you with the trailer to Planet Earth II. It’s absolutely stunning, and serves as a beautiful reminder of what we stand to lose should we get this wrong.