Okay, I know that most people will disagree with me here – but I need to voice my opinion on this matter. Carousels in web development suck. They just plain suck. Here’s why:

For content centered websites, they end up hiding content, making the browsing of said content far more tedious. Now, if I want to browse more of what your website has to offer, I need to actively look for the carousel that pertains to my interest, and then scroll through it bit by bit. Why not just create user interface that employs cards or as Microsoft likes to call them, tiles? That way all of your content is there to consume – immediately.

On top of the above, carousels suck for mobile users. The last thing I want to do when poking at a website is to have to navigate a carousel, or worse, wait for the content to appear on a timer. Come on, we’ve all unintentionally clicked on a carousel slide we didn’t mean to while trying to simply click the ‘next’ button.

Some people forget that user interfaces need to be simple and clean, while also being extremely easy to use. The last part being the most important – ‘easy to use’. That means that everything should just be either a couple of navigable clicks away, or right on the page to view. Does a carousel count as a couple of clicks away? NO, because we have no idea where we’re navigating to. It would be stories about cats, or batman, or the some lame blog on carousels.

How do I know what slide 2, 3, 4, 5, etc… contains without actually scrolling through each of them myself? What if I’m not interested in the content past the visible slides? I’d much rather not spend time going through stories or content I dislike for no apparent reason. It’s almost like those websites that break their articles up into pages – just so that you make more requests to their service. It’s lame and unnecessary.

Okay Kris, breathe. You’ll be okay, after you eat this sandwich.